Why do we need you?

In today's world, creative projects are often a challenge, not just in terms of talent and creativity, but also financially. We work hard on every film, and each one carries a piece of our heart and soul. To bring these projects to life, we need your support. Your contribution helps us turn our dreams into reality.

Official partner

Do you want to become an official partner of filmmaking projects? This option includes products, locations and brand placement into our new films, as well as film subtitles. Please contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.


2% of your taxes

Did you know that you can support our work without it costing you even an extra cent? The law allows you to allocate 2% of your paid taxes, and with this simple gesture, you too can become a part of our projects. You can download the support form below

download form

One-time donation

We will be grateful for any donation done using the IBAN below. Please include your name and name of the project, which you would like us to use the finances for, in the details of the transaction.

SK65 8330 0000 0025 0194 4367

Thank you for helping us do what we love!

Promotion of existing partners